Stoneware Growler by Orange Vessel

Stoneware is ideal for cooking many things — just take a look at any Pampered Chef catalog and you’ll see pages of the stuff. What you won’t find in one of those catalogs is this Stoneware Growler by Orange Vessel.

The Stoneware Growler is inspired by old juicejugs and features a ring-style handle that flows nicely right into the jug. It sports a modern hinged closer that will keep your beer fresher for longer over traditional screw-top varieties. Since it’s stoneware, these growlers are impenetrable by light, which means UV light won’t have any effect on your beer. It will retain your beer’s quality as long as it is contained within the jug. Each Stoneware Growler will cost $59, and is available in orange, gloss black, white, slate, and matte black. [Purchase]

Stoneware Growler by Orange Vessel 2

Stoneware Growler by Orange Vessel 3