STK Sliding Multi-Tool

One of our favorite parts of the gear space is that there’s always room for new ideas. No matter how many different examples of a piece of gear there are, someone inevitably comes up with a new way to make it. Since we frequently work our tools until they break, we’re frequently in the market for the new, the better, and the different. And it would seem that the STK, which stands for Sliding Tool and Knife, is a multitool that fits the bill.

This very industrial looking device features more than 10 functions – including a dual-edge blade, a wire stripper, a 0.25″ driver & bottle opener, and a money/pocket clip. And while its functionality is impressive, it’s the durability of the construction materials that really stands out to us. The STK’s frame is made from 6AL4V titanium and the sliding blade is constructed from S35VN steel. This combination of super-reliable metals makes this tool formidable in both an EDC capacity and as a hard-use survival tool. The STK retails for $185 and you can snag one now via their Kickstarter, if you hurry. [Purchase]

Stk sliding multitool 01

stk sliding multitool 03

stk sliding tool 002