Stirio 2 Hands-Free Stirrer

Dec 23, 2014

Category: Tech

How many times have you burnt your gravy because you set the whisk down to do something else? I’ll tell you — many times. Now, there’s a better way. Introducing the updated Stirio, a hands-free stirrer that stirs your food so nothing ever gets burned (within reason, of course). This nifty kitchen gadget launched in Norway in 2013, selling over 50,000 units in just the 3 weeks leading up to the holidays.

Unikia, the company behind Stirio, has updated the original 2013 product to give it better construction and a quieter motor. And, the team also made it even easier to use. So instead of tiring out your arm and standing in front of the stove to stir your risotto, you can let Stirio do all of the hard manual labor for you while you grab a beer and sit on the couch. With just one charge, the Stirio lasts for at least 1 hour of stirring before it needs to be recharged. And as an added bonus, everything except the motor can be put into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The innovative Stirio is being sold for $62.46 and can be purchased at Unikia’s official online store. [Purchase]

Stirio 2 Hands-Free Stirrer 2

Stirio 2 Hands-Free Stirrer 3

Stirio 2 Hands-Free Stirrer 4

Stirio 2 Hands-Free Stirrer 5

Stirio 2 Hands-Free Stirrer 6

Stirio 2 Hands-Free Stirrer 7

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