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STIPFOLD’s Blackbird Is A Futuristic Angular Cabin In The Forest

We love a black cabin in the woods as much as the next guy, but after a while, their designs start to become a little stale. Enter the Blackbird from STIPFOLD Architecture and Interior Design, a wild cabin concept that fuses metal, glass, and wood into a radical angular folded design.

Resembling a futuristic spaceship that touched down in the forest, Blackbird was engineered to appear stunning from any viewing angle. Its cantilevered roof provides shade for an outdoor space on one side, while a separate cantilever acts as a carport on another. The entire design is meant to flow continuously within itself, a trend that continues to the interior. There, the dramatic black metal has been replaced with soft light-colored wood and aluminum, but the sharp angles remain in the spirit of consistent design language. The stove hood and fireplace even share the same continuous chimney, adding to the overall connected spirit of the layout, while walls of glass on either side of the property allow the indoors to seamlessly blend with nature. Created as a promotional concept for STIPFOLD to represent their core vision, you can learn more about Blackbird on the company’s website.

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