Stilo’s ST5VR VR Helmet Takes Racing Simulators To The Next Level

When it comes to automotive racing, few manufacturers can match the prolificacy of Stilo. For the past two decades, the company has taken it upon itself to produce some of the racing industry’s most revered helmets — and now, they’ve decided to take an interesting step into the world of virtual reality.

With VR simulations and VR use, in general, becoming more commonplace, Stilo’s latest endeavor, the ST5VR Racing Helmet, promises to bridge the gap between professional on-track peripherals, and immersive training. It’s designed to house the Oculus Rift, one of the gaming world’s most lauded headsets, in an attempt to bring authenticity to the forefront, calling upon realistic driver movements, weight distribution, and high-end materials to give drivers a feeling of unparalleled realism. Sadly, the Oculus Rift will need to be procured separately from the ST5 — but, for most, the allure of ultra-immersive driving will easily outweigh the headset’s price tag. If you’re interested in taking your simulations to the next level, head over to Stilo’s website, where the ST5VR is available now.

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