Stillhouse Original Moonshine

Feb 26, 2016

Category: Vices

Experience a renaissance of Americana with this authentic Stillhouse Moonshine, straight from the distilleries of Appalachia. As any booze enthusiasts will tell you, there’s nothing quite like the burn of good ol’ clear corn whiskey. And for those looking for old school moonshine in all its glory, Stillhouse delivers.

Made from estate-grown corn in authentic copper stills, this 100 percent pure corn whiskey is also charcoal filtered for unmatched quality and taste. For those who can’t handle the burn, the whiskey also comes in a variety of flavors like mint chip and peach tea. And even though it may not pack the same punch as the real thing, each liquor still carries a respectable ABV of 40%. Best served as a chilled shot; it’ll also surprise any craft cocktail enthusiast in its ability to spice up traditional mixed drinks. Each variant comes in a stainless steel can as well, letting you enjoy it “straight out of the jug” in true Hank Williams fashion. Available for $28. [Purchase]

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