Stiga Snowracer SX Pro Snow Sled

There are two types of people in the world. Those who hunker down with books and booze as soon as the snow starts falling, and those who get outside to revel in it. For the latter, let us introduce the Stiga USA Snowracer SX Pro snow sled.

This part-trike part-sled sits on two skis along the back, and one in front, making it easy to steer while zooming down your local hill. Thanks to its sturdy steel frame build, both adults and kids can enjoy this contraption. Just pop a squat on the back, grab onto the grippy handlebars and let loose. For an extra bit of caution, the SX Pro Snow Sled also features a braking mechanism that when pressed digs into the snow slowing the rider down. More safety means the more likely you’ll be to get up and go on another downhill run. Prices are set at $230. [Purchase]