Steve McQueen’s 1956 Porsche 356 Speedster

To celebrate the achievements from Stuttgart’s finest auto maker, the Petersen Automotive Museum of Los Angeles is preparing an exhibit to showcase 87 years of Porsche manufacturing with some of the most iconic autos to ever roll off of an assembly line. Dozens of cars will be on display, from early luxury racers to iconic supercars, this 1956 356 Speedster once owned by Steve McQueen tops our list of must sees.

The 356 is considered to be Porsche’s first production model, though chassis number one was built by hand in an Austrian sawmill as a prototype unit for demonstrating the new brand to German auto dealers. The first series of the 356 ran from 1948-55, with the A series, or Type 1, models beginning later year and running through ’59. This particular example from the late Mr. McQueen’s private collection came equipped with a 1.6-Liter inline four cylinder, making this the most powerful car the young automaker had produced to that date. With less than 1,200 examples produced in the Speedster trim, this is one ultra rare car worth checking out.

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