Spain’s 72 Cycles Pays Homage To The Iconic Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen is the quintessential “man,” and if the legacy surrounding his achievements is anything to go by, it’s safe to say that he’ll continue to inspire generations of young onlookers for decades (and maybe even centuries) to come. As one of the most prolific racers of his era, McQueen gravitated toward high-end motorcycles — most notably, the early-model Husqvarnas that were catapulted into popularity due to their race-oriented pedigree.

A handful of McQueen’s most notable bikes fostered a certain “trademark” style — tastefully dressed in white, brown, red, and green adornments, each bike was a visible extension of the renowned rider. To pay respect to the famed racer, Spain’s 72 Cycles Performance shop has decided to recreate the attractive Husqvarna, but this time, with a small twist. You see, 72 Cycles’ bike isn’t quite the Swedish platform that we’ve come to know and love — instead, the company has built their impeccable tribute on the skeleton of a Suzuki DR 650 — a model bred far from the chilling expanses of Northern Europe. Aside from the implementation of a different donor frame, the motorcycle is fundamentally the same, sporting a beautifully tailored leatherette seat, knobby off-road tires, scrambler silhouette, and the classic colors that made the original so iconic. This tribute Suzuki Dr 650 is certainly a bike fit for an adventurous expedition on “any given Sunday.”

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