Steve McQueen Persol 714 Sunglasses

Steve McQueen was a man who could step into a room and instantly command the attention of everybody in it without saying a word. He was a tremendous actor with endless style and class, which is why people still try to emulate his look today. His famous sunglasses from The Thomas Crown Affair have to be one of his most iconic accessories. Persol is re-releasing the 714 model shades dipped in a retro-honey colorway.

Persol’s classic McQueen sunglasses will be made with the Italian eyewear brand’s signature Meflecto technology, acetate frames, and pristine crystal lenses for superb clarity. And, just like the rest of the 714 models, these shades are foldable. These limited edition sunglasses have light blue lenses and a Miele colorway for the frames, providing a slight twist to the darker 714 shades McQueen sported in the classic crime film. If you’re looking to grab a pair of these dapper sun blockers, pull the trigger fast because there will only be 100 examples available.

Purchase: $350