Stephen Hawking’s Motorized Wheelchair

Professor Stephen William Hawking graced the Earth from 1942-2018, spreading science to the masses at a level that had not been experienced since his predecessors Albert Einstein or Sir Issac Newton. Through education, published books, public speeches, and international television appearances, Hawking turned complex cutting-edge research into digestible information that inspired children and adults to explore the universe and attempt to answer some of the most ambitious questions of our time.

Hawking used this English-made BEC Mobility wheelchair from the late-1980s to the mid-1990s, when he published A Brief History of Time — a best-selling book that explores Man’s greatest questions about the universe in a clear and non-technical language. The maroon and red leather chair (serial number: 440609) is powered by Penny & Giles Drives Technology. It features one metal footrest and a leather-covered cushion for additional support. Proceeds for this sale are set to benefit The Stephen Hawking Foundation as well as The Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Purchase: $12,600+