Steel Wavian Jerry Cans

Never worry about going that extra mile again thanks to the Steel Wavian Jerry Cans. Built according to military specs, these steel cans will last a lifetime. We all know the necessity of carrying around extra fuel on an extended outdoor excursion, be it in the desert or in the mountains, and these jerry cans get the job done in durable fashion.

Each can is crafted from the same manufacturers that supply various NATO missions across the world. They also feature a bayonet cap closure, and a locking pin for added protection. They’re constructed from 0.9mm pickled sheet steel and fully paint-coated inside and out. Each Jerry Can is also lined to prevent rusting. And when it comes to what you’re storing, these cans don’t discriminate whether it’s old diesel or premium gasoline. They also come with a spout and two auto fill adapters to prevent any unwanted spillovers. Available now for around $80. [Purchase]