Steampunk Iron Man Costume

Sep 11, 2013

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Iron Man still remains the most popular member of the Avengers superhero collective (at least among mainstream comic book fans). We have already seen several fans attempt to recreate Tony Stark’s suit of mass destruction, but a steampunk Iron Man costume? Now that’s definitely unique.

Designed by fellow comic book fan Matt Silva, this suit actually caused quite a buzz on the scene when it won first place during Marvel’s costume contest held back in 2010 at New York Comic Con. It may be a few years old, but this suit is one of the coolest we’ve ever seen. The suit was actually altered from a Tin Man (Wizard Of Oz) suit that was used in a short film titled “Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man.” The original Tin Man suit was designed by Bill Johnson, but it’s come a long way since Silva transformed it into what you see here. Anyone who was thinking of being Iron Man this Halloween might have to reconsider their costume. Check out some of the photos of the costume below.

Steampunk Iron Man Costume 2

Steampunk Iron Man Costume 4

Steampunk Iron Man Costume 5

Steampunk Iron Man Costume 6

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