Stealth Socks

Mar 29, 2016

Category: Style

It’d be fair to say that most of us – even folks who care a good deal about how they put themselves together – don’t end up thinking too much about socks before or after they’ve put them on. To put it bluntly, socks are a pretty unromantic item of clothing. However, a company out of L.A. is trying to change all that with their high tech Stealth Socks.

Engineered to absorb smell, wick sweat, and still look great – these socks by Maison Impeccable make whatever you have on now look sad in comparison. The young company claims that the carbon nano particles and bacterio static silver woven into the fabric make it so microbial growth is suppressed and bad foot smell curtailed, essentially kicking smelly feet to the curb. Focused on more than just reducing odor – these socks also come with ankle cushioning, a non slip cuff, and hexagonal cushioning on the bottom. Right now you can pre-order a couple pairs for yourself starting at $32. [Purchase]

Stealth Socks 1

Stealth Socks 2

Stealth Socks 3

Stealth Socks 4

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