Stealth Force Brushless Pulse Driver Kit

You don’t have to compromise on quality and efficiency when looking for a tool that’s going to be on the quieter side. Twice as fast as other impact drivers on the market, this Rigid Pulse Driver is perfect for whatever drilling job you need. The hydraulic oil pulse mechanism not only makes it so this Rigid driver is nice and quiet – but it also improves the speed with which it can drive screws through boards and decreases wear and tear on the tool – improving both your tool and battery life.

The batteries on this thing are great to begin with. Coming equipped with two Hyper Lithium-Ion batteries that last two times longer than the average battery, you won’t have to stop and switch out batteries in order to get the job done. Rigid also equipped this driver with three LED lights on the business end of this guy so you won’t have to worry about shadows getting in your way. This driver comes with a lifetime service agreement and retails for around $200 [Purchase]

Stealth Force Brushless Pulse Driver Kit 1

Stealth Force Brushless Pulse Driver Kit 3