Steaklocker Dry Aged Steaks At Home

Jun 19, 2014

Category: Tech

While some people might point to say, Betty White, as a fine example of dry aging, we beg to differ. Nothing tops a perfectly dry aged steak.

Up until now, dry aged steaks were generally only available at upper tier restaurants, but the Steaklocker is changing that. Billed as the first commercially available dry aging steak fridge, the Steaklocker promises out-of-this-world flavor, as dry aging lets naturally occurring enzymes slowly tenderize the meat. A digital hygrometer controller lets you fine tune the level of desired tenderness, and an Android app will let users track the entire dry-aging progress, as well as offer up instructions and nutritional information, and access to the top 100 beef suppliers and steakhouses in the country. $555 gets you in the game. Just pop in that Golden Girls DVD and you’re set. [Purchase]

Steaklocker Dry Aged Steaks At Home 2

Steaklocker Dry Aged Steaks At Home 3

Steaklocker Dry Aged Steaks At Home 4

Steaklocker Dry Aged Steaks At Home 5

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