StarkBoard Handsfree Smart Electric Skateboard

Nov 28, 2017

Category: Tech

Battery powered skateboards have caught on like wildfire in the past few years. Go to any major metro area and you’ll see at least a handful of people commuting to work on them, or just enjoying a day out in the city. The one hangup? All of these boards require a remote control to operate. One company, StarkBoard, is looking to change that.

Rather than using any handheld remote, this board senses the positioning of your body and accelerates accordingly – kind of like a Segway (though not as corny). But there is more to this thing than just intuitive, hands-free controls. The board boasts dual hub motors that can propel riders up to 20 miles per hour at a range of 13 miles per charge. Run out of charge? Batteries can be swapped on the go. For safe and easy stopping, the board is designed to stop on a dime once you hop off – even on a hill.

IndieGoGo: $500+

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