Star Wars R2-D2 Swim Trunks

For whatever reason, the ladies didn’t seem to go for those Judge Joe Brown boardshorts you rocked at the beach last year. Wait, do they not even watch Judge Joe Brown?! What the hell, man?! Hey, simmer down, sip a seltzer, and take another swing at pop culture-inspired swimwear with these cool Star Wars R2-D2 Swim Trunks.

No one will be puzzled and wondering if you’re on a weird strain of crack with this bathing suit; people will just be like “Oh hey! Look, it’s R2-D2! I like that little robot! Star Wars was a great movie! Hey, come on over and share some of this 6-foot Italian sub with us!” It’s 100% polyester, unlike the unfortunate choice of Molotov cocktail rags for the Joe Brown trunks. There’s even a space for um, R2’s robotic arm. It’s, uhh, right where the zipper is. You know what we mean, right? You watch Joe Brown. [Purchase]