Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool

The new Star Wars movie hit theaters this past weekend, but only after hundreds if not thousands of themed products hit the shelves in the prior months. Among our favorites from the big heap? This Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool.

It’s hard not to find it kind of funny that the ship in need of constant repair has itself be turned into a tool that can tackle just about any task. Measuring in at three by four inches, this die cast zinc alloy ship features four different hex keys that pop out of the back, two screwdrivers that detach from the sides, all while the front of the ship can act as an adjustable wrench. Whether you just keep it in your drawer for quick fixes around the house, in your own back pocket for everyday problems, or in the glove compartment of your starship for when the hyperdrive goes on the fritz, it’ll be more than worthwhile to have around. Prices are set at $30. [Purchase]

Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool 1