Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs

Ever wonder what would’ve happened had Luke Skywalker accepted Darth Vader’s offer to join the Dark Side? We’re guessing Return of the Jedi would’ve featured a lot less Ewok battles and more scenes of father and son grilling on the Death Star’s back patio.

Create those never-filmed moments on your own with these Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs. Based on Vader’s Episode IV weapon of choice, this cooking tool may not slice your son’s arm off, but it will help you grab and flip burgers, chicken, and the occasional wampa thigh. Best of all, you get that classic lightsaber sound when wielding your tongs, so make sure you keep that grill sizzle at modest levels. The tongs come with a removable transparent red cover, and this is indeed an officially licensed Star Wars product. [Purchase]

Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs 2