Star Wars Jewelry by Justin Davis

Oct 27, 2015

Category: Style

Jewelry enthusiasts know the name Justin Davis, and now the famed jewelry designer has unleashed an incredible collection inspired by the Star Wars movie franchise.

The new line features rings and necklaces featuring Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, C3PO, and even Boba Fett (although it’s unlikely that anyone would buy a Boba Fett anything). There’s also a silver Chewbacca necklace that lacks the shine of the rest of the collection. And if you’re after a cool lightsaber necklace, look no further than Davis’ Luke Skywalker Lightsaber design. If you fancy yourself a Jedi Master, there’s a ring that has the proper logo and a green peridot gem. Of course, the jewelry is only intended for the most loyal of fans, as prices start at $1,000 and venture up to $10,000. [Purchase]

Star Wars Jewelry by Justin Davis 2

Star Wars Jewelry by Justin Davis 3

Star Wars Jewelry by Justin Davis 4

Star Wars Jewelry by Justin Davis 5

Star Wars Jewelry by Justin Davis 6

Star Wars Jewelry by Justin Davis 7

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