Star Wars Character Cars

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Rides

With the impending Star Wars film set to land at theaters around the world in a matter of weeks, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that all kinds of fans are beginning to shower the web with tons of awesome creations. The latest comes to us in the form of these Star Wars Character Cars.

Designed by the UK-based online shop Carwow, the collection highlights a series of vehicles that have been reimagined as our favorite characters from the beloved franchise. The series currently features Han Solo’s Dodge Charger “Millennium,” Hellcat, Boba Fett’s G-Wagon, Wedge Antilles’ Lamborghini A-Wing, Luke Skywaler’s Mazda MX-5, Darth Maul’s Honda NSX, Jar Jar Binks’ Nissan Juke, Darth Vader’s BMW Z4 Death Star Edition and an Alfa Romeo Guilia Stormtrooper Edition. The Force Awakens will hit the big screen on December 18th.

Han Solo: Milliennium Hellcat

Star Wars Character Cars 2

Darth Maul: 2016 Hornda NSX

Star Wars Character Cars 3

Darth Vader: BMW Z4 Death Star Edition

Star Wars Character Cars 4

Wedge Antilles: Lamborghini A-Wing

Star Wars Character Cars 5

Jar Jar Binks: Nissan Juke Juke

Star Wars Character Cars 6

Boba Fett: Mercedes G-Class

Star Wars Character Cars 7

Luke Skywalker: Mazda MX-5 Land Speeder Edition

Star Wars Character Cars 8

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