Stanley Insulated Growler

Craft beer is quickly taking off in the industry as a trendy and tasty alternative to “Miller Time.” Now, you can enjoy the fruits of this carefully crafted libation outside of the brewery with this insulated growler from Stanley, the same company that brought you the classic Stanley Thermos back in the day. This 64 oz growler is made of stainless steel and is completely BPA-free, meaning your beer will never come into contact with any plastic. The steel not only insulates the growler, keeping your beer cold for 24 hours, but also prevents light damage, a common cause of skunked beer, typical from regular glass or plastic growlers.

Don’t let your craft beer go to waste; alcohol abuse is nothing to take lightly. Plus, since the Stanley Growler comes in the same style as the traditional thermos, you could even get away with having a few pre-happy hour beers at work before heading back to your favorite watering hole for a refill. But you didn’t hear that from us. [Purchase]