Stance’s Ultra-Tough Infiknit Socks Are Backed By A Lifetime Guarantee

Nothing can ruin a day quicker than finding a hole in your sock, other than the one intended to be there. Taking this setback in stride can be difficult, so Stance has upped the ante on building a tougher sock that will last longer with their Infiknit Collection of active and leisure socks.

Starting with the basic make-up of the materials used in the construction of their socks, Stance developed a proprietary nylon yarn that has a higher filament count that gives higher tensile strength, all with the aim of preventing holes at high-stress points. The Infiknit material is blended with other fibers to create a shield that helps prevent the breakdown of these bonds, which is the root cause of holes that end the life of the sock. Adding to the robust build of the socks, Stance is offering a complete lifetime guarantee against holes or tears in the Infiknit Collection, so you’ll be sure to get a replacement if you ever hit any snags.

Purchase: $15+