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One Of The World’s Most Complete T-Rex Skeletons Is Headed To Auction

First discovered in 1987 in South Dakota’s Hell Creek Formation on the outskirts of Buffalo, STAN is an approximately 66 million-year-old Tyrannosaurus skeleton that’s one of the most complete specimens ever unearthed and features the most complete T-Rex skull in known existence. One of the most significant paleontological finds in history, STAN is now seeking a new home via auction.

Named after its initial discoverer, amateur paleontologist, Stan Sacrison, this more than 70% complete museum-quality Tyrannosaurus skeleton measures 38.38’ and is 12’ tall. Assembling the massive skeleton reportedly required over 30,000 hours of meticulous labor to complete. Also known by its inventory number of “BHI 3033,” STAN has repeatedly been used to create casts for other skeletons that are on display in elite museums around the world. STAN is now headed to Christie’s’ upcoming 20th Century Evening Sale, on October 6 in New York. Unsurprisingly, for an object of this significance, STAN is expected to fetch an enormous amount when it takes its turn crossing the auction block, with estimates set between $6,000,000 and $8,000,000.

Purchase: $6,000,000+