Stahl Firepit

Harnessing fire for energy and warmth is an entirely human experience. From cooking to socializing to keeping warm, fire is the life-energy of our primitive spirit. The tradition of fire pits date back to the beginning of human history and, alongside technological progression over the centuries, vessels for housing these warm energy sources have changed as well. Point-in-case is the beautifully crafted Stahl Firepit.

What’s great about this fire pit is its ease of transportation and assembly. In fact, each product can be assembled in under a minute without a single tool. It’s a flawless design that brings versatility to almost any environment or backyard barbecue from the urban center to the desolate ranch. Fire pits come in a few options including aluminum or steel. Buyers can also get their hands on a larger steel version if they have space. Each Stahl is made in Portland, OR from these lasting materials. Be sure to get your hands on one before the summer season kicks into high gear. Prices start at $400. [Purchase]

Stahl Firepit 1

Stahl Firepit 2

Stahl Firepit 3

Stahl Firepit 5

Stahl Firepit 6