Stadler Made Outdoor Pizza Oven

Most people find ordering pizza from a major chain or neighborhood shop perfectly acceptable. But, sometimes we like to get our hands a bit dirty and do the work ourselves – especially in the warmer months. There’s just something viscerally satisfying about making your own pizza from start to finish, especially if you can enjoy the nice weather while you do it. Which is exactly what makes the Stadler Made Outdoor Oven so great.

Made from 3 millimeter thick corten steel sheets – an alloy that acquires a protective layer of rust over time – this outdoor oven shows its age beautifully. And, even with that layer, it’s still perfectly safe and incredibly effective at cooking pizza at temperatures up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit on its pair of food-safe cordierite baking stones. Our favorite part of this sturdy and simple cooking apparatus, however, is that it comes in a flat-pack – meaning that you get to assemble the whole thing yourself, adding an extra level of personal pride to the mix. When it hits retail, this oven will sell for around $420, but you can back the campaign on Kickstarter now for $310.

Kickstarter: $310+