Nagano’s ‘Stacked House’ Is An Immersive Mid-Forest Abode

May 2, 2019

Category: Living

Eastern architecture is a symbiosis of uniquely tailored practices, traits, and styles — a formula that, when concocted correctly, results in an ethereal experience for both the viewer and the structure’s contemporaries. In regards to Japan’s intrinsically-oriented home designs, Nagano’s Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio (KIAS) has put its best foot forward — conceptualizing and perfecting their craft with the aptly named “Stacked House.”

The Stacked House serves as a quintessential weekend getaway space, nestled within Karuizawa’s mountainous resort area. Three separate volumes comprise the dwelling, adjoining beneath a series of leaf-like roof structures that are leveraged by wooden joists. On the exterior, angular, patterned timber and convex overhangs define the home’s numerous outdoor socialization areas. Large, open-ended windows shower the Stacked House’s interior with a bevy of light, modern furnishings, two ensuite master bedrooms, and a guest area in warm, inviting hues. To highlight the dwelling’s spatial differentiation, exposed timber, concrete, and metal serve to complement areas defined by elevated ceilings — fostering an intimate feeling of immersion through the use of natural elements.

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