Sriracha Packets

Jan 25, 2016

Category: Food

Hold the ketchup, because now, you can get yourself a box of Sriracha packets and take them with you everywhere you go. Got some wings but they’re just not good enough? Boom, whip out a Sriracha packet. Got some french fries that need some sprucing up? Boom, Sriracha packet.

They’re available in a 50 pack or a 200 pack from Sriracha2Go (the makers of the Sriracha2Go keychain), with each packet measuring 3″ x 1.5″ (a standard packet of ketchup), and holding 5 grams of the original Huy Fong Sriracha rooster sauce. While these packets aren’t going to be available in every restaurant, you’ll soon be able to carry some around with you wherever you go. The 50 pack is available for $15, while the 200 pack is $35 — we know you’ll make the right choice. [Purchase]

Sriracha Packets 2

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