Spyra Updates Almost Everything On Their Liquid Bullet-Firing Water Gun

Back in 2018, we were introduced to the coolest water gun we’d ever seen from a company called Spyra. The battery-powered aquatic weapon featured fast automatic loading, fired “bullets” of water instead of a weak stream, and even had a digital tank display. Now, Spyra is back with an updated version of their namesake water gun, and virtually everything on the blaster has been improved.

First up, the SpyraTwo Water Gun boasts a battery life that is double — yes, double — that of the SpyraOne, meaning you can battle for twice as long with 2,000 blasts (90 tank refills) before you need to recharge. The tactical digital display has been improved, and the automatic pump is both quieter and fills two seconds faster than the prior version — from zero to full in just 12 seconds. There’s also a higher firing rate on the SpyraTwo, as well as greater overall shot distance. Perhaps most impressive is the new Power Shot feature that allows you to hold the trigger for three seconds before unleashing a recoil-filled 46-foot blast, which is significantly more powerful than the SpyraTwo’s standard 30-foot semi-automatic shots. The SpyraTwo water gun will be available for $159 from Spyra beginning in July.

Purchase: $159

Photo: Spyra