Spyglass 3D Augmented Reality GPS App

Remember those fights you used to get into with your girlfriend before the days of mainstream GPS? Ya know, the whole “men never ask for directions” nonsense. Well you can expect that same kind of sass from your car’s GPS system once it gets wind of the way-finding wizardry behind the Spyglass app for iOS devices.

Whether you’re on foot, wheel, wing, or wave, Spyglass promises to take your directional I.Q. to new heights with its 3D augmented reality navigation. The list of tools inside the app are nearly endless, including a hi-tech viewfinder (HUD), milspec compass, gyrocompass, maps, tactical GPS, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, gyro horizon, sniper’s rangefinder, coordinate converter, sextant, inclinometer, angular calculator and zoom camera. We recommend breaking the news to your car gently. [Purchase]