Spyderco SzaboHawk Hatchet

Axes are one of those things that are as easily defined as tools as they are defined as weapons. Firemen use them to break down doors and cut through ceilings while folks in the special forces use them to cut down their enemies – but each individual axe is built for those specific tasks. This particular axe, the Szabohawk Tomahawk from the Colorado based Spyderco, straddles the line perfectly between weapon and tool.

No matter what you put this thing through, it’ll be sure to stand up to the challenge due to the fact that it was made from a solid piece of D2 tool steel and entirely covered in a black titanium carbonitride coating intended to protect from corrosion and give it a matte look. For a good grip, designer Laci Szabo included G10 scales that flow with the ergonomically designed handle down to the pry-bar tip at the end of the axe. Just in case you want to do more than just hacking at things, the back end of the axe includes a flat portion for hammering while the beveled blade helps concentrate the force of your swing. Weighing in at a little over one pound, this isn’t ideal for everyday carry, but it is a sturdy tool that you’ll be glad to have on your side. [Purchase]