Spyderco Taps Iconic Knife Designer For Elite ‘Drunken’ Folder

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When it comes to everyday carry knives, designer Dmitry Sinkevich is a force to be reckoned with — boasting an impressive and deep catalog of superb blades. Yet, somehow, he’d never worked with Spyderco, a powerhouse brand in their own right. Thankfully, that’s been rectified in glorious fashion with the unveiling of the Spyderco Drunken folding knife.

This EDC blade derives its unique name from an equally-unique and intricate “drunken” texture applied to its solid carbon fiber and weight-reducing webbed titanium handle scales. The titanium scale also boasts a Reeve Integral Lock — envisioned by Chris Reeve and one of the strongest integrated frame locking mechanisms ever made. As if that’s not enough, the handle is mated to a magnificent tumble-finished CPM S90V stainless steel blade complete with Spyderco’s signature thumbhole for easy deployment. At $630, this is an insanely overbuilt folding knife worth every single penny and then some.

Purchase: $630