Spy Coins

During the cold war, it was pretty commonplace for folks in the spy trade to carry with them hollowed out coins which contained microfilm, suicide poison, or other sensitive material. The fact of the matter is that coins are small, easily carried, inconspicuous items that could reasonably be found in anyone’s personal effects without seeming odd or out of place. And while you may not be involved in international espionage, it’s entirely possible that you want to hide away a tiny token. Well, with these hollowed-out Spy Coins, you can.

Precision machined from actual currency – so as to be indistinguishable from a normal nickel, quarter, half dollar, or a number of other foreign denominations – these coins feature hollowed out centers into which you can place a secret stash of info you want kept secret, like a folded note or an SD card. Just know that, should you be caught with one of these American made oddities, the government will disavow any knowledge of you and your mission. You can get a Spy Coin of your own starting at just $23. [Purchase]