Spring Heeled Jack Comic Book Knife

Rolan Lannier takes a different approach to making knives. Rather than using what he sees as colonialist materials (exotic wood, ivory), he pairs his finely honed blades with a more unexpected palette. The Spring Heeled Jack Comic Book Knife is a prime example of his approach.

This simple slip joint knife features carbon fiber liners, comic-book scales and a truly top tier blade. Lanier made the unique scales by taking issues written by his favorite writers, soaking them in resin, and filing them down to the perfect size. The result is a unique multi-colored scale that weighs much less than other commonly used materials. As for the blade, it is about as top-notch as they come. Made from a 14C18N nitrogen boosted stainless steel that has been cryogenically treated, it boasts an impressive hardness rating of HRC 60. To further decrease the weight of the knife, Lannier mounted it on beryllium bronze washers and used titanium pivot screws. The Spring Heeled Jack comes in an old school lunch box with a felt and tartan holder.

Purchase: $405