Spring Bonsai Mountain Skull

There was a period in western culture when our mortality was regarded in a very different way than it is today. High death rates and short lifespans put our impending loss of life at the forefront of many people’s minds, and then by extension, it affected everything from the way cities were planned to what kind of art was being produced. Australian artist Andrew Firth’s Spring Bonsai Mountain Skulls revisit and draw inspiration from those 16th and 17th century musings on death with a modern and organic spin.

While each skull is artificial, they are all constructed from nine individual pieces molded from a real human skull. The black PVC sculptures contrast with the lush green moss and bonsai trees flowering off the crown of the skull – making for a stand out piece for your apartment or home. Due the fact that these are all hand-made, each piece is unique in its own way. Each sculpture will set you back about $300. [Purchase]

Spring Bonsai Mountain Skull 1

Spring Bonsai Mountain Skull 2