SpreadThat Heated Butter Knife

Every day we encounter the best products on the market, but it’s much less often that we come across those products that have us asking, “Why didn’t we think of that?” Well, the SpreadThat heated butter knife is one such product.

After winning the prestigious 2014 IF product design award (along with the Red DOT, IDEA and G-Mark awards), this bad boy is ready to find a new home in your kitchen drawer. This knife will slice right through your stick of butter, with little effort, using absolutely no electricity. SpreadThat is equipped with an efficient heat conducting technology that utilizes the body heat from the user, and starts heating up in just 20 seconds. Of course each knife utilizes non-toxic, food-safe titanium coating that was built to last, and is safe for your family to use. [Purchase]

SpreadThat Heated Butter Knife 2

SpreadThat Heated Butter Knife 3

SpreadThat Heated Butter Knife 4