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Spout’s Countertop Device Turns Air Into Purified Water

Spout Atmospheric Water Generator 0 Hero
Photos: Spout

Atmospheric water generators have been around since the Incas began collecting dew. These devices extract water from the air and turn it into drinkable water. Today, technology is in the works to modernize this process and provide clean water to more people. Spout is one of the companies pushing things forward with its new water generator. Bringing science and nature together, Spout is an atmospheric water generator that uses a six-stage filtration system to produce up to 2.5 gallons of clean water in a compact container– and even clean air.

Spout Atmospheric Water Generator 1
Photo: Spout

Taking notes from the past and looking to the future, the company turned to the expertise of an experienced chemist to create its own filtration system. This filtration system removes impurities by catching contaminants from smoke, bacteria, and viruses. It also captures chemicals, mold spores, and allergens, making the water it produces incredibly pure. Not only does Spout offer pure water, but pure air as well. The hospital-grade air filter purifies the air before it even enters the machine. This means better air quality for you and your loved ones and more pure water.

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Photo: Spout

So how do they do it? The five-step process begins with Spout purifying the air before collecting and absorbing it in the desiccant wheel. Next, the wheel is heated to transfer water vapor into the condensation chamber, where it’s condensed and chilled by ambient air in the home. The water is then filtered and remineralized to improve taste and quality. It all culminates in the pitcher that features a UV light in the lid, working to stop unwanted bacteria growth in the supply. Spout works in most households worldwide, adapting to various temperature and humidity conditions – just pay attention to changing weather throughout the year.

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Photo: Spout

Limited pre-orders for the Spout are available now through the website for $399, with the retail price set at $799 and shipping expected to begin this July.