SPOT Trace GPS Tracker

You’ve invested a ton of money into your gear, so why not spend a few extra bucks ($94) to help protect it? The Spot Trace GPS tracking device does just that.

Simply install a set of AAA batteries, set it up using the included reversible mounting bracket (or just toss it in your daypack), and that’s it. Trace will provide exact GPS coordinates as often as every 2.5 minutes, with the ability to be programed to the user’s chosen intervals. The rugged build is compact, helping it fit into nearly any space, and seeing that it’s completely waterproof, you don’t have to worry about Mother Nature causing any issues. The motion-activated tracking will use vibration sensors to send GPS coordinates, making it easy to track down your vehicle or boat while it’s on the move, and can even alert you through text or email message. [Purchase]