SportEYZ Roll Up Sunglasses

Is there any object more destined for destruction than sunglasses? Between sitting on them, losing them, and seeing them set on fire by obnoxious circus monkeys, it’s almost comical how these things find so much tragedy. Perhaps shrinking their footprint might help?

SportEYZ are lightweight and compact shades that can roll up and fit into a little container (about the side of an old 35mm film canister). They promise excellent UVA and UVB protection, as well as dust protection with an anti-fog coating. You can put them on as is, over your contact lenses, or even over prescription glasses. They’re light, but they’re tough too, with water-resistant materials and a strong scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens. With an adjustable strap and sweat-resistant foam padding that promises to keep sweat out of your eyes, SportEYZ appear perfect for skiing, boating, or anything else outdoors. [Purchase]

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