Sportes FIREWAALL-003 Portable Fire Heating Tool

Setting up a fire at the campsite is essential – especially around this time of year. If you aren’t inclined to go searching around for rocks to ring around a freshly dug fire pit, however, you should consider the Sportes FIREWALL-003.

Made from four easily packable pieces laser cut from 304L stainless steel, this thing is built to make it easy to set up a quick fire wherever you are. Simply unpack these flat-lay pieces from your bag, slide them across the base, and you instantly have a fire tool. Once setup, all you have to do is stuff in some kindling at the bottom and feed in wood and twigs from the top. As the fire burns from the bottom, the wood will naturally feed itself into the fire as other thick pieces of wood burn away. Wind change suddenly? FIREWALL can easily be picked up and moved by inserting sticks into the laser cut holes. Pretty good for a 4.5 pound packable fire tool. Prices are set at $70. [Purchase]