Spool Dock For iPhone

If you’re looking for a charging dock for your iPhone and want something that looks closer to Pier 1 than Radio Shack, check out the Spool Dock from Quell and Company.

The Spool Dock uses three points of contact to provide solid stability, with micro-suction pads on its base to allow for one-handed docking and removal. Your phone is propped up at a convenient 17-degree angle, so you can still use it as it charges. It handles devices with or without Apple cases, and it provides cable management too. It’s made from sustainable hardwood with a powder coated metal base. The Spool Dock works with the iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5, 5s, 5c as well as the iPad mini and 5th generation iPod touch. Choose from white and maple, black and walnut. [Purchase]

Spool Dock For iPhone 2

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Spool Dock For iPhone 4

Spool Dock For iPhone 5