Splinter Wooden Supercar

While most supercar manufacturers are going for carbon fiber and a light metals in their design, Joe Harmon is taking their own approach with Splinter: making an entire sports car out of wood.

The company’s latest creation took five years to perfect. The wooden machine is powered by a Chevrolet LS7 engine, and aside from the engine, the drive train, gauges, fasteners, tires and rims, the car is made entirely of wood. The engine pushes out 700 hp, and the car uses a six-speed manual transmission to help it achieve higher speeds. Of course, since wood was used, a wide variety of glues were used to keep it all together, such as epoxy, urethane, urea formaldehyde and polyvinyl acetate. Its designer says its an exercise in trying to change the perception of the possibilities of wood, but we’ll note that the car is capable of reaching up to 240 mph and it’s highly flammable.

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