Spivo Stick

Say what you will about ‘selfie sticks,’ the Spivo takes POV action footage to the next level. From hiking to camping to white-water rafting, the Spivo is built to house your action camera in a unique design that’s both durable and capable enough to keep your recreational activities on camera no matter what.

What’s overly unique about the Spivo lies not in the concept but in its functionality. The Spivo actually hosts a button on the handle that spins the camera a full 180 degrees in an instant; literally turning the camera on a dime. It’s completely mechanical so there’s no need to rely on batteries to keep the Spivo functioning properly. It’s waterproof up to 60 meters, impact resistant, lightweight, and comes in three sizes. Also, because this is made for use while you’re in action, there’s an adjustable wrist strap to keep everything intact in the process, because the only thing worse than poor footage is lost footage due to mishandling. Available now for $50. [Purchase]

Spivo Stick 1