Spitfire Propeller Pen

During WWII, the Hordern Richmond Aircraft Company built propellers for one of the most legendary planes ever to fly across the skies: the Spitfire. Now, with their name shortened to just Hordern Richmond, they’ve taken to rescuing abandoned and unusable Spitfire propellers (many of which they built themselves) and repurposing them into these gorgeous wooden pens.

Each propeller, which were made from a dense and incredibly strong birch wood laminate known as “Hydulignum,” is cross-sectioned into the pen bodies – which are then united with a metal tail, tip, and pocket clip cap. But don’t just take their word for it. Every one is engraved with the serial number from the original WWII-era Spitfire propeller blade from which it was crafted. These unique and historical writing utensils, which comes in their own beautiful ash wood and leather strap presentation box, sell for $236. Ink refills can be purchased from the brand, as well, for $7 each.

Purchase: $236