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Spinnaker Honors Piccard’s Challenger Deep Dive With A Titanium Watch

Spinnaker has a well-established reputation for producing solid sea-faring timepieces using high-quality construction techniques and materials. Heavily influenced by yachting culture, naval exploration, and other various nautical-related pursuits, the high-end horological outfit’s latest offering is a limited edition watch paying homage to the Trieste, a bathyscaphe vessel that reached a record-setting depth of 35,797 feet in the Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench in January of 1960.

Piloting the Swiss-designed submersible was US Navy Lt. Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard. And now that exactly 60 years have passed since the impressive underwater achievement, Spinnaker is honoring the mission — known as Project Nekton — with its new Piccard series. The watch is constructed around a 47mm titanium case complemented by a bulbous sapphire crystal, and large knurled crown. Spinnaker’s Piccard also boasts a minimalistic face inspired by midcentury Americana aesthetics that gets SWISS C3 Superluminova. Water-resistant to 1,000 meters, the watch was engineered to be a proper saturation diving timepiece, packing a helium release valve. Priced at $950 and limited to 300 units, the watch is offered with gold or bare brushed titanium cases married to leather bands — both of which come with an extra black rubber strap and are sold in a special gift box.

Purchase: $950