Spinn Coffee Maker

The constant struggle between convenience and quality has most prominently been played out in the world of coffee. Caffeine fiends can choose between the not-so-good tasting but incredibly easy to use K-pods, or the expensive and rare single-lots from craft roasters that require attention while brewing. Now, however, thanks to the Spinn Coffee Maker, coffee lovers can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Whether you like Espresso, Americano, or the standard drip, the Spinn Coffee Maker can brew it up for you in no time. This high tech kitchen gadget comes equipped with a bean hopper and conical bur grinder that can churn out grounds with variable coarseness. Once the grounds make it to the brewer, they meet hot, filtered water and get spun at a speed varying between 500 and 6,000 RPMs. The combination of high speed and hot water makes it so you get more flavor and character out of every cup. Yet, the innovation doesn’t stop there. Thanks to an incredibly well built integrated app and Alexa compatibility, you can start the brewing process from bed with the touch of a button, or even order new beans through the app when you get notified that you are low. This is a must have for the coffee lover and tech nerd. Prices start at $300. [Purchase]

Spinn Coffee Maker 1

Spinn Coffee Maker 2