Spider Camera Holster

Jan 28, 2019

Category: Gear

So you bought a nice new DSLR. Takes great shots. Amazing depth of field images. Awesome. Just one thing though: It’s chunkier than Louie Anderson. So how do you minimize the awkward angst when taking it on the road? The Spider Camera Holster might be your solution.

There’s two versions to choose from: the Black Widow ($50), which is meant for lightweight DSLRs, point-and-shoots, and small video cameras, and the Spider Pro ($135), which is aimed at the professional photographer and the bulky DSLRs they often carry. The Black Widow attaches directly to your belt, while the Spider Pro includes a padded belt. Once you’re set up, your camera is ready to hang securely at your hip, freeing up your hands and removing the nuisance of a dangling DSLR or video camera bouncing to and fro on your neck, chest or shoulders, plus the holster’s quick-draw system lets you get ready for the shot almost instantly. Carry on. [Purchase]

Spider Camera Holster 2

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