Sphero RVR Programmable Robot

Feb 21, 2019

Category: Tech

Mixing robots with digital apps for endless entertainment, Sphero has been flexing its creativity to preserve the imagination of those lucky enough to use their products. Their latest endeavor entitled the Sphere RVR is an all-terrain programmable robot that extends the high-tech toy manufacturer’s streak of excellence.

Although the Sphero RVR looks like a toy, it’s actually a moving base for robotics. The programmable robot houses two infrared sensors and new color-sensing technology used to see bands of color on prompting cards that help the robot navigate. In addition, the Sphere RVR has a light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. It works with a remote-control Play app and has an integrated programming EDU app, allowing educators, students, hackers, and robot hobbyists to customize the machine. It’s also capable of connecting to Raspberry Pi hardware, Micro: Bit, and Arduino processors and add-ons. To go just about anywhere, the robot has a roll cage and tank-inspired treads, allowing it to power up 45-degree inclines and drive with precision. Back this project now for $199 and expect the robot to drop in October.

Kickstarter: $199

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