Specialized Revamps Its Prevail II Helmet With 20% More Vents For Cooler Riding

Any time you’re out on the bike in hot weather, temperature regulation should be one of your top priorities — it’s essential to maintaining your overall performance output. Granted, your body’s natural sweat response will go a long way towards ensuring you stay cool; however, at some point, you also have to consider the effect of the equipment you’re using.

Just take Specialized’s all-new S-Works Prevail II Vent helmet, for instance. Designed to offer maximum convective heat transfer, it features 20% more ventilation compared to the standard Prevail II. In practice, this is because Specialized has stripped away seven of the support bridges from the center and sides of the liner foam, replacing them instead with some low-profile aramid ropes. What results is a helmet that channels air through its vents some 18% faster than its predecessor, bringing with it the heat released from your head. Add to that some perforated MIPs SL pads, lightweight 4X DryLite webbing, as well as an ANGi Crash Sensor and a Mindset HairPort II micro-dial fit system, and what results is an ultra-protective helmet that’s sure to keep you cool no matter what the temperature outside may read. You can buy it for $250 now.

Purchase: $250